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KOPRI contributes to establishing and implementing Korean polar research policies since it was separated from KORDI in 2004. As a result, polar research was included as one of one hundred national agenda projects followed by the President's address regarding Korea's future on the 60th Anniversary of the Republic of Korea ('08.8.15.)
KOPRI have supported the following Ministries related with polar issues: Ministry of Education, Science and Technology; Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs; Ministry of Environment; Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Trade. These activities have made polar issues a priority of the government.

The opportunity to discuss the experts' advice on polar research policies is held annually by the KONPOR (Korean National Committee of Polar Research) composed of government officers, CEO of research institutes under the government, etc.

The institute conducted research projects aimed at 'Planning the Basic Research Program on Polar Sciences' funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, which developed the polar mega-science research project involving various agencies involved in polar research and development.


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